Zhi Wang 

Associate Professor
Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School
Tsinghua University

Room 1708, Information Building
Tsinghua Campus, University Town of Shenzhen

Phone: +86-755-26031113
Email: wangzhi@sz.tsinghua.edu.cn


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Zhi Wang is currently an associate professor at Shenzhen International Graduate School, Tsinghua University. He received his Ph.D. in 2014 and his B.E. in 2008, both from Tsinghua University. His research areas include multimedia networks, multimedia edge computing, and large-scale machine learning systems. He is a recipient of the Natural Science Award of the Ministry of Education (First Prize) in 2017, the National Natural Science Award (Second Prize) in 2018, the Shenzhen Youth Science and Technology Award in 2019, and the Technology Invention Award of the Chinese Institute of Electronics (First Prize) in 2020. In addition, his research won the Best Paper Award of ACM Multimedia 2012, the Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Award of China Computer Federation 2014, the Best Student Paper Award of MMM 2015, the Best Paper Award of ACM Multimedia 2021, HUMA Workshop, and the Best Paper Award of IEEE Transactions on Multimedia 2022. He is an Associate Editor of IEEE TMM and Guest Editor of ACM TIST and JCST. His current research areas are as follows:


We are looking for Ph.D. and Master students, Postdocs and Undergraduate Interns (more information (研究生招生)) with strong interests and motivation to work on data-driven multimedia network and system design, edge computing and networking, distributed machine learning systems. Candidates with hands-on systems building abilities and mathematical background are highly encouraged. Send me an email with your CV if you are interested in working with us.

Honors and Awards

Selected Publications (2021--) (full list...)



  1. 内容分发方法、装置及设备; 授权日期:2017-05-24
  2. 一种边缘网络区域中社交内容缓存方法; 授权日期:2017-12-29
  3. 基于边缘无线热点进行内容分发的方法及装置; 授权日期:2018-07-27
  4. 视频转码方法、装置和服务器; 授权日期:2018-09-04
  5. 一种多领域内容推荐方法及服务器; 授权日期:2019-06-21
  6. CDN节点分配方法及装置、CDN节点分配服务器及CDN网络系统; 授权日期:2019-05-28
  7. 一种无线网络负载均衡方法; 授权日期:2019-07-26
  8. 一种多媒体信息推荐的方法及装置; 授权日期:2019-01-15
  9. 一种提高DASH 视频传输效率的方法; 授权日期:2017-10-17
  10. 一种基于强化学习的图片动态自适应压缩方法; 授权日期:2021-03-16
  11. 基于多元因素融合的深层逻辑推理金融文本分析方法及系统; 授权日期:2023-05-02
  12. 基于强化学习的联合决策方法及装置; 授权日期:2023-06-02
  13. 一种神经电刺激模拟触觉的数据采集和分析装置; 授权日期:2023-09-05